Mens Health Month


June 10, 2013 by inspiritpt

Be a Real Man and take care of yourself
When men are young, they think they are going to live forever – nothing is going to happen to them! It will happen to someone else, but it won’t happen to me!
As men get older they get into a pattern of reactive care. They don’t understand proactive health care. They don’t realize that they have their body for life and need to be in tune with their body and take care of it, and if they do they can dramatically improve the quality, and possibly the quantity of their life.
It may be fear, or denial that stops a man from seeking answers online or asking their doctor. Or maybe men need to realize that they are worth taking the time to seek the answers and advice.
Life is demanding and more is expected of men when it comes to physical strength and stamina. A man can adopt a few new habits now that will serve to ensure optimal energy and lasting good health.
Here are a few things you can start doing today!
1. Start reading labels
Women are the primary shoppers in the home and women have been the demographic target for food producers. More men need to start reading and understanding before they buy and consume. Food loaded with preservatives, chemicals and other flavor enhancers does not build health. Men need to learn to select healthy more nutrient-rich foods and snacks to reach optimal health.
2. Alternative energy
The majority of energy drinks on the market are designed for, and sold to men. Promising stamina and vigor, they are mostly loaded with sugar, sodium, and chemicals that negatively impact the body. Rather than reaching for energy drinks, men need to start seeking out lean high-protein foods and increase their exercise as a couple of ways to gain extra pep. Ginseng is great for energy.
3. Nourish the brain
Men rarely give much thought to their brains until their later years when they begin to consider the threat of developing Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s. Starting in early life to protect your brain by not smoking, moderate alcohol intake and regular physical activity will all have great benefit later in life. Additionally, consuming brain-enhancing foods such as pecans, salmon, and blueberries provide health protecting benefits to the brain.
4. Safe Sex
Safe sex is not just about using condoms. Get to know your partners and their sexual history. Condoms should be worn with any sexual contact. Being careful about whom you share your body with is a safeguard for your body and your health.

And remember…women like men who take care of themselves


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