Recommendations for Exercise while Pregnant

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August 2, 2013 by inspiritpt

1. Pregnant women can continue to excercise
2. Preganant women will derive benefits from mild to moderate intensity excercise routines.
3. Heart Rate should be measured to ensure target heart rates are within the desired range.
4. Maternal heart rate should not exceed 140 bpm during pregnancy.
5. Strenuous acticity should not exceed 15 minutes of duration.
6. Extreme end rang of motion should be avoided to derease risk of injury
7. Regular exercise (3x per week) is recommended.
8. Pregnant women should avoid excersing on their backs after the 4th month.
9. Pregnant women shoudl get up from any floor excercises slowly and carefully to avoid blood pressure changes.
10. Pregnant women should avoid prolonged periods of motionless standing.
11. Pregnant women shoudl stop exercising if fatigued or have signs of decreased ability to perform exercises safely.
12. Avoid exercises with the potential for abdominal trauma or loss of balance which may cuase a fall or other risk of injury.
13. Pregnant women should adapt their diet to accommodate for increased calorie expenditure.
14. A gradual return to exercise is recommended after delivery.

** Condensed from ACOG Home Excerise Programs.


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