Ice: The Overused Modality?

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September 17, 2013 by inspiritpt

During Pain Awareness Week it is key to know what things might not be working to reduce pain. Many people think that ice heals all but what does it really do? Read this article for some insight into the most overused modality!

***Athletic Medicine HAS MOVED***

Many years ago I got tired of watching my athletes roll in to the athletic training room and slap on ice. These athletes are in a drug-like induced state of ice addiction. Their athletic trainers keep feeding the disease, by recommending cold treatment and doing the easy – here’s ice, shut-up, leave. I felt I was doing a disservice to my athletes and asked myself, “Why are we icing this injury?” I never had an answer that was supported by evidence. So I began my own case study.

I took 9 Division I athletes (6 patellar tendinopathy, 2 bicipital tendinopathy and 1 subacromial impingement) and  had the athletes cease all cryotherapy and electrical stimulation.

Warning: Telling an athlete not to ice brings about a firestorm from all angles. Coaches, parents,  the athletic director, the family friend chiropractor, the great aunt who is a dentist, and even mom the real estate agent…

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